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5G in India

by Himanshu

5G in India start countdown. 2020 has been over. The Telecom industry has come to the market. The possibility of launching of 5G service in the this financial year 2021 in India seems to be in full swing. For the last two years, it has been speculated that testing for the 5G network is going to start soon in India, but so far no concrete results have come out. At the same time, Mukesh Ambani, the owner of Reliance Jio Company, which has a strong presence in the telecom sector of India, has shown keenness to bring 5G service to India.

Reliance Jio founder Mukesh Ambani has said that with the arrival of 5G spectrum in India, we will already be able to offer 5G. Actually, Reliance Group’s Digital Jio Industries has developed 5G telecom solution, with the help of which it will be easy to deliver 5G service. It should be known that a long time before the introduction of 4G network facilities in India, phones equipped with 4G support facility came into the Indian market.

The world’s first 1G came in the year 1980, but this wireless technology could only provide calling facility. In 1991, 2G Services was launched, in which the facility of messaging was available to the users as well as calling facility was also available. The year 1998 saw the third phase of the mobile network in which 3G was launched. The 3G service provided users with the facility to run internet as other services along with mobile calling, as well as video calling, with a maximum speed of 2 Mbps. With the launch of 4G network in the year 2008, there was a different revolution in the Internet world which changed everything. Video calling could have been done better than before, many times more Mbps speed was available for users running internet than 3G. At the same time, if 5G service starts in India, then it will not be less than any digital revolution because there will be a big change in technologies from Indian markets.

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